Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Taxpayers Paying for Viagra?

This article by John Stossel is interesting from the perspective of his attacking the very premise of government sponsored insurance.

Once some faceless stranger is paying for what you do, you don't have an incentive to control costs. On the contrary, you have an incentive to get as much as you can and leave the other person with the bill. Doctors also have an incentive to run up the bills. Patients rarely complain, but they might complain if the doctor skips a test. Insurance companies know this, of course; hence the torturous bureaucracy: the paperwork, the phone calls where you beg them to pay, the times they refuse to pay for what you thought was covered...

If you had to pay for your own medical care out of your pocket, you might choose to forgo some expensive treatments in order to have money for a nicer home or for better education for your children. But when the government taxes you to pay for what other people "need," you don't get that choice. You are forced to buy Viagra for some man you've never met.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Steyn On China

Sorry folks....I have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. There is no better way to re-enter the blog zone than with an excellent article by Mr. Steyn on China. Money quote,

China is (to borrow the formulation they used when they swallowed Hong Kong) "One Country, Two Systems". On the one hand, there's the China the world gushes over - the economic powerhouse that makes just about everything in your house. On the other, there's the largely unreconstructed official China - a regime that, while no longer as zealously ideological as it once was, nevertheless clings to the old techniques beloved of paranoid totalitarianism: lie and bluster in public, arrest and torture in private.

If you're a resource-poor nation (as China is), long-term prosperity comes from liberating the creative energies of your people - and Beijing still has no interest in that.

Read it all.