Monday, May 16, 2005

"Newsweek Lied, People Died!"

The Newsweek "incident" brings forth one truism my Dad taught me. Intelligent people are clearly not always wise people. I always marvel at the stupidity of the so-called intelligentsia of the MSM, college campuses, etc. Listen to Noam Chomsky for one minute and you get the picture. This is another prime example of the thesis of Daniel Flynn's book, Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas. Flynn discusses how fealty to ideology and the "cause" has blinded people to reality - so much so that they espouse ridiculous and sometimes dangerous positions. The ideology here is raw Bush hatred. The cause in this case has always been the creation of a Nixonian moment for the Bush Administration. Whether it's Dan Rather, the so-called missing weapons in Iraq (Al-Qaaqa), yellowcake in Nigeria, Richard Clarke (does anyone remember him anymore?), no WMD, pressuring the CIA, or Abu-Ghraib, among others, the left in the media have been loyal to the "cause." I have always believed that more people have lost their lives in the WOT as a result of the "cause" than otherwise would have. Time and again over the past few years, the media has given our enemies all the propaganda points they needed to foment hatred of the US and the West in general. This propaganda has cost additional lives and, in many cases, extended conflict as opposed to ending it. The difference here is that we finally can directly point to lives lost needlessly over agenda-driven, inaccurate reporting.

Finally, if the real goal of these so-called intelligent people is to end this war and thus save lives through changing public opinion, they are failing miserably. How can intelligent people make such awful and unwise decisions, such as inaccurately reporting an incident that will inflame the whole Muslim world? Fealty to the ideology of anti-Bushism, resulting in the blind dedication to the cause of discrediting and/or bringing down the Bush Administration.



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