Saturday, May 21, 2005

From One Brit to Another

Another excellent article by Christopher Hitchens on Saddam's British lackey, George Galloway. I found it incredibly enlightening. Hitchens is one of the British left's more respected columnists. He happens to be a supporter of the efforts in Iraq, infuriating many of his admirers. There is much to learn in this article as Hitchens has had numerous encounters with Galloway. However, I like his insightful comments on the left's bad faith and cynicism with respect to the war:

The bad faith of a majority of the left is instanced by four things (apart, that is, from mass demonstrations in favor of prolonging the life of a fascist government). First, the antiwar forces never asked the Iraqi left what it wanted, because they would have heard very clearly that their comrades wanted the overthrow of Saddam. (President Jalal Talabani's party, for example, is a member in good standing of the Socialist International.) This is a betrayal of what used to be called internationalism. Second, the left decided to scab and blackleg on the Kurds, whose struggle is the oldest cause of the left in the Middle East. Third, many leftists and liberals stressed the cost of the Iraq intervention as against the cost of domestic expenditure, when if they had been looking for zero-sum comparisons they might have been expected to cite waste in certain military programs, or perhaps the cost of the "war on drugs." This, then, was mere cynicism. Fourth, and as mentioned, their humanitarian talk about the sanctions turned out to be the most inexpensive hypocrisy.



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