Thursday, May 26, 2005

European Idiocy

This post at the Belgravia Dispatch is a must read. For those on the Left who wring their hands over the lost of US prestige with our allies, do you agree with the following:

Wolfgang Ischinger, the German Ambassador to the United States, who attended the conference in Munich and listened with interest to McCain's speech, tried to explain the view from the other side. "As older societies, we tend to think of ourselves as more experienced in the way societies evolve, and we tend to be skeptical of Americans who seem to think that if you believe hard enough, and you muster enough resources, you can change the world...In the last year or so, as we've engaged in discussions about the transformation of the Middle East and democracy, I have told my American friends that the region in this world that has seen the most transformation and change is Central and Eastern Europe--without shedding a drop of blood. So don't preach to us. And don't think transformative change will work according to mechanistic rules. This is very complicated. Changing the way people think often has to do with religious and cultural issues--we tend to think of them as long-term, and Americans think, Let's solve the problem in the next four years!"

I guess they think appeasment and getting rich from trading with tyrants represents the more experienced and long-term approach to ending genocide, transforming the Middle East, and changing the way people think. Of course, they do have some experience in genocide. You would think that they would understand better than anyone that appeasement can be fatal. The most ridiculous comment is on Eastern and Central Europe. Who do they think paid the price for that result? Talk to the families of those lost during WWII and the Cold War. Talk to the American taxpayer that continues to fund their defense today.



At 7:22 PM, Blogger E. Rush said...

Ischinger wants to talk about "the way societies evolve," and "transformative change." Those are the aims of progressives, and don't accurately describe what our nation is attempting to accomplish in the Middle East. What we're doing is fighting our enemies, and liberating the oppressed. In the numerous speeches our President has given on the topic, not once has he talked about "changing the way people think," as Ischinger puts it. In fact, Bush has repeatedly pointed out that changing minds is not a necessity. The conservative doctrine states that the majority of the population of the Middle East is on the same page with us. The sliver of the population that is not with us in our dogged opposition to tyranny and terrorism is against us, and we're not navel-gazing about how we're going to change their minds when we find them.


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