Monday, April 04, 2005

New Poll

Not surprisingly, a new Zogby poll, indicating that Americans were overwhelmingly not in favor of starving Terri Schiavo, came out just as her body was being cremated. As all the polls were saying otherwise while she was alive, it was interesting that most of the Democratic leadership remained silent during the controversy (Hillary Clinton in particular). I think they knew that the prevailing polls were ill-conceived, incredibly biased in how the questions were phrased, and were not willing to trust them. The following question was asked with direct reference to Terri's situation:

"If a disabled person is not terminally ill, not in a coma, and not being kept alive on life support, and they have no written directive, should or should they not be denied food and water," the poll asked.

A whopping 79 percent said the patient should not have food and water taken away while just 9 percent said yes.



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You have too much time on your hands.

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