Saturday, April 16, 2005

Anti-Americanism in Europe

I found this article from to be interesting by Rich Tucker. I have always believed that it has been the Europeans that have changed, not the Americans. Although we have had strong and mutually beneficial economic relations, the strength of the Atlantic Alliance over the past century has been based upon the direct defense of their land. Military deterrence trumped all other social, philosophical, cultural, and political issues. It is clear that most Europeans do not feel as vulnerable with the collapse of the USSR. Do Europeans believe in anything anymore? Is this where the left wants to take the US? Does anyone really believe that France, Germany or Belgium will sacrifice anything for a purpose other than its own political or financial gain?

Money quote from Tucker...

"The difference between the United States and Europe can be summed up in one sentence. 'In France, there are very few people who believe that you can liberate people by dropping bombs on them,' an anti-war activist named Marie says. Then they must have forgotten that in 1944 the allies liberated France by dropping bombs on it.
Our country hasn’t changed, and Europe has. We’re still serious in our outlook, and they aren’t.

But the day of reckoning may come. Islamic extremists may attack western Europe, as they attacked New York on 9/11. If that happens, the Europeans again will get serious. And Americans will be ready to stand beside them -- and die beside them -- to win another war."

I always find it amazing that the people that gave us Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Vichy France, etc. have any standing to lecture us about our leadership and foreign policy. In any case, America will be there when duty calls. I know the hate America crowd does not like to hear this. Give me an example of a more generous and benevolent power in the history of the world.



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